Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fionncara MacEoin's Place

Fionncara MacEoin is a writer living in Saskatoon. She has participated in writing retreats and workshops in Saskatchewan and at The Banff Centre. She has been involved in a number of community arts projects in Saskatchewan and recently had the opportunity to facilitate a series of creative writing workshops at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. A two-time Sage Hill alumna, Fionncara has performed her work in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Her poetry has appeared in The Society, In Medias Res, Transition and CV2. Recent publications include the chapbook Even the Sky Parts (JackPine Press 2011). You can read more about Fionncara here.  Below, she talks about her writing experience at Sage Hill.
Fionncara with Paul Wilson
In 2009, I participated in the Introduction to Fiction and Poetry Workshop at the Sage Hill Writing Experience, where I had the pleasure of working with John Lent and Susan Stenson. I also attended the Poetry Workshop in 2011 and worked with Priscila Uppal.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that both of my “Experiences” were huge turning points in my writing life. In fact, I liked them so much I moved in! I am writing this from the Sage Hill office in Saskatoon where I am currently the Programme Assistant. I am extremely happy doing my bit to help the magic happen at Sage and I have the added bonus of never having to be too far away from that magic!

This excerpt from an e-mail that I sent to a friend during my time at the Experience conveys some of what the Experience has been for me as a participant:
Sage Hill is quite possibly the best time I have ever had in my life. I’m writing, reading, learning, talking, laughing, eating, drinking, singing and dancing with some fantastic and interesting people.
I now have draft one of my new manuscript done!
After months of: “this will never make any sense, I am just stringing word doc's and scraps of imagery together, blindly hoping it will turn out"...finally, yesterday I caught a glimpse of its own internal organization. It is coming together!!!
All of a sudden it said to me: "All right we’ll give you a, this is what you're shut up and keep working".
It was beautiful.
I am moving in the right direction. It will be a while more, but it's progress. I’m having a great time and am so grateful.

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  1. As a three-time "Experient" I will also vouch for Sage Hill as a great place to write! And it's very close to Lumsden Beach, another great place to write...